Rootstock for our Bush and Half Standard Apple trees is MM106.

Rootstock for our Fan Trained Apple trees is M26

Rootstock for our Patio Apple Trees is M27


Beauty of Bath is a very attractive early season English Dessert Apple, red flushed in colour. They have good flavour which, depending on when picked, can range from mildly sharp to sweeter as it ripens, excellent for eating fresh from the tree or ideal for juicing.


Braeburn A popular and well known late season Dessert Apple with crisp juicy flesh and an excellent flavour and also stores well.


Bramley Seedling is the definitive English cooking Apple. In terms of flavour it ranks as one of the worlds great culinary apples. Bramley Seedling is a vigorous easy to grow variety with attractive blossom. As a triploid variety it does require two different pollinating Apple trees to ensure successful pollination.


Cox Orange Pippin is the classic English dessert Apple with its striking orange-red colouring and wonderful aromatic flavour. Although best known for eating it is very versatile and can be used for juicing and cooking.


Discovery is a popular early Apple which is easy to grow and has excellent natural disease resistance. Best eaten freshly picked but also excellent for juicing with a well balanced sharp/sweet flavour.


Egremont Russet is a classic English russet Apple with a moist flesh and a delicate sweet “nutty” flavour. A versatile Apple which is especially good with cheese.


Ellison’s Orange is a superb traditional dessert apple closely related to Cox’s Orange Pippin but with noticeably juicier flesh. It has a background aniseed note which enhances the aromatic flavour.


Elstar is an attractive late season apple with a very good flavour. A high quality apple,  related to Golden Delicious, but with a more intense “honeyed” flavour. It also has good keeping qualities.


Fiesta is a relatively new English apple, developed in the 1970’s. Also known as Red Pippin, it inherits the classic

Cox sweet/sharp flavour from parent Cox’s Orange Pippin, but also stores well, remaining firm and sweet, a quality from its American parent, Idared. Fiesta is one of the best apples for juicing, producing copious amounts of juice with a rich flavour.


Gala are a well known mid-season apple, with a lovely sweet flavour, eaten straight from the tree. GGala is also a good variety for juicing, with a rich sweet flavour.


Gloster is a vigorous tree, originating from Germany. It is a prolific and reliable cropper, producing large dark crisp red apples with a sweet flavour. Useful for both eating and cooking, it is also an excellent pollinator.


Golden Delicious, picked fresh from the tree is very different to the shop bought Apple. Picked late in the autumn when properly ripe, this crisp sweet apple, is difficult to beat. Also one of the best apples for storage, retaining flavour and crispness for several months in a cold store or fridge.


Idared is an attractive late season Apple, originating from Idaho in the USA. It has a mild flavour and can be used for both cooking and eating. It is an excellent Apple for juicing and has exceptional keeping qualities.


James Grieve is an outstanding dual purpose apple. Originating in Scotland, it is a very juicy Apple, producing plenty of sharp tasting juice. A mid-season variety that picked early is very sharp and refreshing and good for cooking, but does keep its shape when cooked. As it ripens, the flavour sweetens, and becomes quite mild. It is an excellent Apple to eat with cheese and is also a good pollinator.


Katy is one of the best early/mid-season varieties. It is very reliable, producing an abundance of attractive red apples which are juicy with a sharp flavour. Katy is a versatile apple, used for cooking and juicing and is also used for cider making! The tree grows in a neat fashion and rarely needs pruning and the spring blossom is attractive and long lasting making it an excellent pollinator.


Lord Lambourne is a popular versatile apple with a pleasing uniform shape and a lovely orange flush  over green, with a hint of russet. The flesh is crisp and creamy-white with a strong juicy flavour. A good mid season apple for the garden.


Sunset is a popular Cox type apple. Excellent disease resistance and good cropping with a sweet flavour making this apple easy to grow.


Winston is a high quality late keeping apple with firm, juicy creamy-white flesh and good flavour. It is an easy variety to grow, crops reliably and has good disease resistance.


Plum Trees

Rootstock for our Bush Plum trees is St Julien A

Rootstock for our Patio Plums is Pixy

Czar is a large dark black/purple early season plum. For eating fresh it is best fully ripe but is also an excellent variety for cooking. Self fertile.

Damson are smaller than plums and have a firmer flesh and a sweet-sour taste. The flesh is easy to remove from the stone and the Damson retains its shape well making it ideal for cooking. 

Opal is an early plum with a gage like intense flavour, best grown in a sunny position to produce dusky red fruits with a heavy bloom. Best eaten fresh, but also useful for jams and fruit crumbles. Self fertile.

Victoria is the best known, most popular plum in the UK. Well known for its attractive plum coloured fruit and lovely flavour. It excels as a culinary plum, ideal for jams, pies and crumbles and also taste wonderful picked ripe from the tree. Self fertile.


Cherry Trees

Rootstock for our Cherry trees is Colt

Early Rivers is a traditional English dark red early cherry with a good flavour.

Kordia is a relatively new black cherry variety with large glossy black fruit and excellent flavour. It is also resistant to the splitting caused by summer rain.

Lapins is a large dark red juicy cherry with a mild sweet/sharp flavour. Self fertile.

Merton Premier is an early fruiting sweet flavoured red eating cherry.

Morello is a well known and traditional English cooking cherry which can be eaten fresh when very ripe, but is a sour cherry type grown mainly for cooking. Morello cherries contain melatonin, a natural anti-oxidant which is involved with regulating sleeping and wakefulness. Morello is a excellent pollinator for other cherry varieties.

Regina is a modern late season black dessert cherry. Although classified as black it is often dark red with firm flesh and excellent flavour. a popular garden variety with large cherries which are resistant to cracking.

Stella is a excellent self fertile cherry which is easy to grow and productive. The large dark red cherries are very juicy and sweet. Stella is also a good pollinator for other cherry varieties.

Sunburst is another good modern self fertile cherry variety, with soft flesh and a good sweet mild cherry flavour. The large cherries are best eaten fresh.

Van is the quintessential sweet red dessert cherry. Best picked straight from the tree, Van cherries have a lovely colour, firm flesh and superb flavour.


Pear Trees

Rootstock for our Bush Pears is Quince A

Rootstock for Patio Pears is Quince C

Clapp’s Favourite is an early season pear with attractive flushed skin. Best eaten straight from the tree,

Concorde is a fairly new variety ideal for the UK as it grows well in an English summer. Fruit is large and creamy yellow, with extensive russet and a lovely flavour.

Conference is the most widely grown pear in the UK. It crops heavily and reliably and will grow in most situations. Best eaten fresh, Conference is also a good pollinator for many other pears.

Doyenne du Comice is widely considered to have the best flavour of any pear. It has both “melting” flesh and a sweet rich delicate flavour.

Williams is one of the oldest English dessert pears. A good early season variety with a nice flavour and fairly easy to grow.


Peach and Apricot Trees

Rootstock for our Peach/Apricot trees is Torinel

Amsden June is a white fleshed peach, which is like all peaches, self fertile. The fruit separates from the stone easily making them great for fruit salads or cooking.

Moorpark apricot is the most popular garden variety in the UK. Ripening in early August, it has yellow skin with an orange blush. Its deep orange juicy flesh has excellent flavour. Best grown on a warm south facing wall but will produces a regular good crop even when grown in the open in the warmer parts of the UK. Self-fertile.

Tros Oranje is an old variety of Apricot from The Netherlands, it is very hardy and vigorous; the fruit is small, but the flesh is firm with a lovely flavour. Self fertile


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