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We have recently started to stock the Kent & Stowe range in the Swincar Shop.

Kent and Stowe is a complete range of garden tools, covering all areas such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and a full offer of top end Cutting tools. Based upon the designs and drawings of garden tools from the 1800’s, this range brings the traditional look with the modern benefits of manufacturing.

As well as Carbon and Stainless Steel, we also stock the range 'Garden Life.'


Garden life is lighter in weight and is less bulky than your ordinary tool. This makes it ideal for kids, or anyone that doesn't want to life the weight of a full size spade, rake or fork.

All tools come with an excellent guarantee, both Stainless Steel and Garden life have a 15 year guarantee, and Carbon Steel has a 10 year guarantee.

All tools are perfect gifts for beginner or keen gardener, or simply a fantastic addition to your tool collection.

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