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As the nights turn colder and the days become shorter, Autumn is the perfect time to give your garden a good tidy up, before the winter weather sets in. Simple tasks such as raking up the leaves and tidying your borders can make a huge difference to the look of your garden. We have recently launched a new range of garden tools by Kent & Stowe to help you do this. They are available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and a new range called 'Garden Life', which is 40% lighter than the average tools. 





As the summer bedding looses its sparkle, it is time to plant up winter pansies and violas. We have a huge range of mixed packs and single colours to suit every taste. We also grow Polyanthus in 4 packs, which make for a colourful Autumn display. There is also ready made hanging baskets on offer, to brighten up your doorstep or patio. 


From August a full range of spring flowering bulbs are in stock in our shop. All the bulbs come from a long standing friend and grower in Holland, who regularly display at Keukenhof; the most famous flower display in Europe. 









This season is also a great time for planting trees and shrubs, especially Roses, this is because; 


  • There is lots of choice.

  • Planting now gives the rose chance to become established in your garden.

  • Each plant comes potted up with slow release feed.

  • The plants are dormant and therefore it doesn’t interrupt their normal growing cycle

  • They are at their best quality this time of year

  • The make the perfect gifts

What's Available

Planting in Autumn

winter basket.jpg

Winter Baskets - £19.99 - £26.50


Kent & Stowe Garden Tools - The ideal gift for a loved one or yourself

hybrid tea rose.jpg

Hybrid Tea Rose 

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