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Spring is one of our busiest times at the Nursery. The warm weather, increased daylight hours, and fresh produce make it the best season for nurturing your garden and watching the flowers bloom. 





From Mid January we stock an excellent range of certified seed potatoes, onion sets and Summer flowering bulbs. And its not too late for your winter rock salt!!


From Mid February, Raspberry Canes will be available for early planting.


We grow the majority of our spring bedding here on site at Swincar, starting in January sowing Geranium seeds. We have growing lights to extend the daylight hours and produce plug plants for sale in packs of 20 from March.

For the keen gardener we offer plug plants in larger trays including;

  • Geraniums,

  • Begonia Semperflorens,

  • Lobelia,

  • Alyssum,

  • Petunias

  • The increasingly popular colourful and showy, Non Stop Begonia! 


Basket plants are available from mid to late April, all the regulars, Fuchsias, Lobelia, Trailing Petunias, Calibrachoa (Million Bells), Verbena and from May, we are once again producing a range of Confetti Garden Mixes, 3 contrasting plants within a single pot. This is a fantastic product which can be used in tubs and hanging baskets to create a stunning display.

We also sell a wide range of fruit and veg plants including; Strawberries, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Courgette, Onion, Leeks, Sweetcorn, and Beans. 


VV petunia.jpg

Seasonal Trailing Petunias - Violet Vein £1.35 each 


Our very popular Non-Stop Begonias in 4 packs

tumbler tom.jpg

Tumbler Tomatoes £1.50 per pot 

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