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We stock a large range of fruit trees in various forms and sizes to suit all gardens. We have Fan Trained trees, ideal for against a wall or trellis, some varieties of Half Standard trees for a larger space, Bush trees on a short stem for easier fruit picking and a range of Patio fruit trees ideal for patio pots.






The most important requirement for a fruit tree is a pollinating partner. This has to be a fruit of the same type, ie Apple with apple, pear with pear and plum with plum.


Most fruit trees are listed within pollination groups and the ideal partner can be from the same group or a group each side. For example, an apple in pollination group 3 can be paired with any Apple tree from groups 2, 3 or 4.


Some trees are known as self fertile, this means they produce both male and female blossom, but they still need a partner tree for a successful crop, however, it can be the same variety.


Although it sounds complicated, pollination is a natural process, and usually “just works.” Common fruit trees such as apples and plums appear in many established gardens, and your pollinating partner could already be established close by! One of the best pollinators for apple trees is the crab apple, which is becoming increasingly popular as an ornamental tree! To help we include a pollination label on all our fruit trees to make choices easier, and there is always a member of staff on hand to help.


Fruit Picking
Girls Picking Apples





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