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Rootstock for our Bush Plum trees is St Julien A

Rootstock for our Patio Plums is Pixy



Czar is a large dark black/purple early season plum. For eating fresh it is best fully ripe but is also an excellent variety for cooking. Self fertile.


Damson are smaller than plums and have a firmer flesh and a sweet-sour taste. The flesh is easy to remove from the stone and the Damson retains its shape well making it ideal for cooking. 


Marjorie's Seedling

A late season plum with attractive blue/black large fruits. Good for both eating and cooking. 


A large sweet yellow dual purpose plum, good for both cooking and eating. Self fertile. 

Opal is an early plum with a gage like intense flavour, best grown in a sunny position to produce dusky red fruits with a heavy bloom. Best eaten fresh, but also useful for jams and fruit crumbles. Self fertile.


Reine - Claude d'Althan

A red sweet dessert plum which is especially frost resistant. 

Reine - Claude d'Oullins

Large oval green, yellow fruits suitable for both cooking and eating. Ready for picking in mid August.

Reine - Claude Verte

Green, golden sweet fruit with greenish, yellow flesh. Ideal for eating and cooking. 

Victoria is the best known, most popular plum in the UK. Well known for its attractive plum coloured fruit and lovely flavour. It excels as a culinary plum, ideal for jams, pies and crumbles and also taste wonderful picked ripe from the tree. Self fertile.

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