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Summer is a fantastic time of year to see the beautiful displays of bedding plants and baskets in full bloom. Days are long and the weather is warm, which allows more time to spend outdoors. 





Ready made Hanging Baskets, Tubs and Planters for the patio are available to buy, and then, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the floral display and fruits of your labor. Culinary herbs should be thriving and adding extra taste to your home cooking, or in your G&T's! 


We also offer a full range of Lawn products to keep your lawn looking healthy and in tip top condition over the summer months; 

  •  Evergreen Complete,

  • Westland Aftercut Range

  • A variety of branded lawn weedkillers.

For the vegetable grower;  this is when the battle with bugs and weeds are at their peak! But hopefully the warm weather will bring an abundance of produce and be worth the efforts. 

What's Available


Swincar Lavender, we stock both English and French varieties 


Seasonal Osteospermum, available in a range of colours

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