Rootstock for our Bush Pears is Quince A

Rootstock for Patio Pears is Quince C



Clapp’s Favourite is an early season pear with attractive flushed skin. Best eaten straight from the tree,


Concorde is a fairly new variety ideal for the UK as it grows well in an English summer. Fruit is large and creamy yellow, with extensive russet and a lovely flavour.


Conference is the most widely grown pear in the UK. It crops heavily and reliably and will grow in most situations. Best eaten fresh, Conference is also a good pollinator for many other pears.


Doyenne du Comice is widely considered to have the best flavour of any pear. It has both “melting” flesh and a sweet rich delicate flavour.


Williams is one of the oldest English dessert pears. A good early season variety with a nice flavour and fairly easy to grow.