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Rootstock for our Bush Pears is Quince A

Rootstock for Patio Pears is Quince C




Smooth pale green skin, which turns pale yellow when ripe. Excellent flavour with high yielding potential. 

Beurre Hardy

Classic French dessert pear with bronze-orange buttery fruits and excellent flavour. 

Clapp’s Favourite is an early season pear with attractive flushed skin. Best eaten straight from the tree.


Conference is the most widely grown pear in the UK. It crops heavily and reliably and will grow in most situations. Best eaten fresh, Conference is also a good pollinator for many other pears.


Doyenne du Comice is widely considered to have the best flavour of any pear. It has both “melting” flesh and a sweet rich delicate flavour.


Williams is one of the oldest English dessert pears. A good early season variety with a nice flavour and fairly easy to grow.

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