Rootstock for our Cherry trees is Colt




Early Rivers is a traditional English dark red early cherry with a good flavour.


Kordia is a relatively new black cherry variety with large glossy black fruit and excellent flavour. It is also resistant to the splitting caused by summer rain.


Lapins is a large dark red juicy cherry with a mild sweet/sharp flavour. Self fertile.


Merton Premier is an early fruiting sweet flavoured red eating cherry.


Morello is a well known and traditional English cooking cherry which can be eaten fresh when very ripe, but is a sour cherry type grown mainly for cooking. Morello cherries contain melatonin, a natural anti-oxidant which is involved with regulating sleeping and wakefulness. Morello is a excellent pollinator for other cherry varieties.


Regina is a modern late season black dessert cherry. Although classified as black it is often dark red with firm flesh and excellent flavour. a popular garden variety with large cherries which are resistant to cracking.


Stella is a excellent self fertile cherry which is easy to grow and productive. The large dark red cherries are very juicy and sweet. Stella is also a good pollinator for other cherry varieties.


Sunburst is another good modern self fertile cherry variety, with soft flesh and a good sweet mild cherry flavour. The large cherries are best eaten fresh.


Van is the quintessential sweet red dessert cherry. Best picked straight from the tree, Van cherries have a lovely colour, firm flesh and superb flavour.